Something Beautiful

Continuing the theme of the body, I paint landscapes that I see in bodies, and sometimes I hear why I didn't paint something beautiful. That's how flowers and a cat came to be among my works, because nothing could be more beautiful. Whether it is ironic or a search for simple joy in a troubled world is up to the viewer. The suggestion to paint something beautiful suited my subject matter, which is partly about the beauty standards .When it comes to art, I have been told that beautiful is not the right description. So I don't say that I find beautiful images and shapes in the body. I say, I find images and shapes, which are not related to the beauty standards , that are interesting for me as a painter...

Back of the Knees. 2022. 24x30cm. Oil on canvas.

I Always Bring Fridge Magnets fom My Travels. 2022. Various sizes. Oil on canvas, magnets.

One of life's little pleasures, collecting a worthless collection. These magnets, unlike the ones I bring back from my travels, are, so to speak, taken from my environment, from my memories, from the current events of my life. So they contain body parts, a berry from the garden, a Paleolithic Venus figurine from memories. It used to be in my home, but now it's part of the theme of the body, it's showing the body as it was depicted in prehistory.

P.S. The magnet composition was made by the visitors of the exhibition at Kaunas Artists' House.

The Left Wing. 2022. 30×40cm. Oil on canvas.

The Right Wing. 2022. 30×40cm. Oil on canvas.

Worthy of a prize, with shorts. 2022. 100×110cm. Oil on canvas.

When I got a prize for a painting of a belly, it became my trademark, so I painted another one with a beautiful laced shorts on, maybe it would be worthy of a prize as well?

Against a Black Background. 2022. 110×100cm. Oil on canvas.

The Mountain Landscape. 2022. 80x110cm. Oil on canvas.

Side View.2022. 110x100cm. Oil on canvas.

From the Back on the Side. 2022. 80×120cm. Oil on canvas

Armpit. 2022.40x30cm. Oil on canvas.

Laced and Very Pretty. 2022. 120×200cm. Oil on canvas.

Maybe the landscape of the body was made beautiful by adding lace?

Cats don't Like to be Touched on Their Bellies. 2022. 100×120cm. Oil on canvas.

On the Side. 2022. 100×120cm. Drobė, aliejus.

Twisted. 2022. 60x80cm. Oil on canvas.

I Got the Flowers as a Gift, I had the Vase. 2022. 120×100cm. Oil on canvas.

Landscape with an Arch. 2022. 70×110cm. Oil on canvas.

I Will not Reach it Without Getting on Tiptoes 2022. 120×100cm. Oil on canvas.